Maiden Heights is a small collection of finely built brownstones, villas, and manors nestled at the base of Red Mountain. It sits on the site of the original Mclaughlin home on a quaint street known back then as Maiden Lane. The year was 1907 and George McLaughlin created a large manor where he spared no expense using large cut stone with meticulously crafted arched doorways and gables.

The house was the only home on Maiden Lane with majestic views looking upward to the mountain heights. This was a special home in the most special setting. This special spot was George Mclaughlin’s paradise. Time sadly has a way of sometimes taking its toll on paradise. The Mclaughlin home fell upon hard times and was eventually torn down. The Maiden Lane name was changed. And as the city grew around it, the quaint piece of land lay dormant amidst the uplifting views of Red Mountain, almost resting. Almost forgotten. It was as if now, the land was waiting; waiting for Maiden Heights.

With the same commitment to quality that was used in 1907, Maiden Heights is a blend of classic architecture and timeless craftsmanship. In the heart of the bustling Highland Park neighborhood, a new heartbeat pulsates. It is the heart beat of sublime beauty. It is the heartbeat of uncompromising quality. This is Maiden Heights. Just as the historic brownstones elegantly line the streets of New York and Boston, Maiden Heights brings a new way of living to Birmingham. It is a life of new views. It is a life of new ideas. It is a life of new connections. It is the height of new living.

Home TypeSingle Family

Price$900,000 to $1,300,000

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Location:Birmingham, AL

Bedrooms & Bathrooms3-4 Beds / 3-4 Baths

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Morgan Walls     205-218-4764