Birmingham’s grocery district was vibrant and booming the year the Franklin, Stiles & Franklin Grocery Company stepped into their brand new building on First Avenue North. The year was 1913, and First Avenue North and Morris Avenue were filled with hundreds of merchants: the farmers, the bakers, the butchers, the craftsmen, and the artisans. Freshness abounded. The streets were filled with the diverse sounds and aromas and dialects of freshness. This was a city of new beginnings. It was a city of new citizens. Some traveled across town to be here. Some traveled across the county. Many traveled across the ocean. But now they were all here to trade: to trade what they had grown or made or baked or butchered. This was the grocery and produce district. Apples and cabbage and corn and bread spilled from the back of wagons and trucks. Fresh eggs and sausages and hams were displayed with pride. Fresh breads were peddled like newspapers. This was the grocery district and everything was fresh. And it was a magical place, a place where diversity of skill, artistry, strength, race, language, and nationality connected. And lived. And worked. And at the center of this special district was the Franklin, Stiles & Franklin Grocery Company.

Today there is a fresh new beginning on this corner. There is a fresh new beginning for this building. The Franklin: 14 intimate residences at the corner of fresh thinking, fresh connectivity, fresh galleries, fresh entertainment, fresh urban parks, and fresh life.

The Franklin

A fresh new way to live.

Home TypeCondominium

Price$159,900 to $509,900

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Location:Birmingham, AL

Bedrooms & Bathrooms1-3 Beds / 1-2 Baths

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Sales Representative:
Ellis Terry     334.301.0314